About Songdo

Location : Northwest coast of South Korea
Size : 51,739 acres / 209 km²
(1/3 of Seoul or Singapore)
Songdo : 13,162 acres / 53 km²
Yeongjong : 34,183 acres / 138 km²
Cheongna : 4,394 acres / 18 km²

Incheon Free Economic Zone

A center for international business and global trade

Panepinto Global Partners has focused its efforts on the Incheon Free Economic Zone (IFEZ) located in the City of Incheon on the northwest coast of the Korean peninsula. IFEZ consists of three districts: Songdo, Yeongjong and Cheongna. Incheon holds a central location to the major cities in the Northeast Asian region surrounded by 61 cities within three hours of flying time from Incheon International Airport. The South Korean government officially designated IFEZ in August of 2003 with the vision to transform Incheon into a major international financial, logistics and business hub in Asia. Its proximity to Seoul (40-minute) and to Incheon International Airport (10-minute) also affords the IFEZ a unique advantage for international business and trade.
Map of Yeongjong,Cheongna, Songdo