About US - Achieving Local Success withe Gloabal Partners

Who We Are

Focusing on foreign development and investment opportunities

Panepinto Global Partners (PGP) is a real estate development company with a focus on foreign development and investment opportunities. Today, a U.S. company’s future success relies on a global perspective to doing business. With a closer integration of world markets, greater exchange of people and ideas, and wider transfer of intellectual and financial capital, the cutting edge for U.S. companies is global expansion. PGP has seized the opportunity for global expansion.

PGP emerged from decades of experience of its U.S. affiliated company, Panepinto Properties, Inc. (PPI). PPI was founded in 1977 when Joseph A. Panepinto, Sr. recognized dormant opportunities and a wealth of potential in his hometown of Jersey City. Since then, the company has distinguished itself as a pioneer in outstanding commercial, residential and mixed-use development.

Both Panepinto companies have a reputation for developing and delivering quality multi-use projects in a timely and efficient manner. Whether working independently or in conjunction with other companies, the results have been outstanding. The Panepinto companies also enjoy long established relationships with local, state and federal regulatory agencies, and with conventional and public financing sources.

What we do

Quality and character of people

Panepinto Global Partners has focused its efforts on the Incheon Free Economic Zone that the true success of any organization is defined by the quality and character of its people. PGP achieves success through a skilled and cohesive team working toward a common goal. The company is comprised of real estate professionals with international experience and diverse backgrounds in urban planning, design, construction, law and finance combined with a network of relationships spanning the globe. Through diligent attention to details in every aspect of the development business, PGP achieves success in commercial, residential development, and mixed-use projects incorporating hotel and retail to enhance project profitability and ensures its success.