Songdo Development

Songdo Glabal Campus Prugio

Harmony between human living and nature

Panepinto Global Partners is participating in the Songdo Global Campus Prugio development project, in conjunction with Songdo Global University Campus Co., Ltd (SGUC) and Daewoo Engineering & Construction Co., Ltd (Daewoo), which consists of 1,703 for-sale apartment units, 606 “officetel” (live and work) units, and 22,677.55m² of retail space.

The Prugio residential complex is a core development in the Songdo Global University Campus providing necessary housing for Koreans and foreigners alike and will be situated within the same district. Prugio, Daewoo’s brand name for apartments, derives from combining the Korean word for “Green” with the English root “Geo” and signifies the value of harmony between human living and nature. In the Prugio philosophy, residential communities are no longer stark living accommodations, but rather an ecologically-sound environment in which families make their homes and form vibrant communities.

In line with the Prugio philosophy, plans for the Songdo Global Campus Prugio feature a grass lawn, themed gardens, playground, and tree-lined walking paths to integrate nature into daily life. Prugio incorporates streamlined recycling and ventilation systems and green-energy technology in building operations and in the construction process by using recycled and ecologically-friendly materials. At the same time, Prugio offers its residents the convenience of modern technology built into the homes and supports cultural life with a library and an assembly hall housed within the residential complex.
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